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    SLGE Releases 2016 Trends to Watch in State and Local Government

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  • Workforce of Tomorrow

    How can local governments compete for a new generation of talent as more of their workforce retires?

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    Public Plans Data: Comprehensive Database of State and Local Public Pension Plans

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    State & Local Government Workforce: 2016 Trends — Center’s annual survey of HR professionals

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    Local Government Strategies to Address Rising Health Care Costs

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Latest Research


The Funding of State and Local Pensions: 2015-2020

This 2016 report of state and local government pension funding finds that most public pension plans have shown modest improvement in their funded status.

Health Care

How Big a Burden are State and Local OPEB Benefits ?

This brief attempts to answer the question: How big of a burden are OPEB benefits to state and local governments?


Infographic: Succession Planning in State and Local Governments

Succession planning continues to be a top workforce issue identified by state and local human resource officials; however, many organizations have not yet developed formal succession plans.


Comparing Compensation: State-Local Versus Private Sector Workers

An examination of whether benefits close the wage gap between public and private sector workers. The analysis found that the compensation of state-local and private sector workers is similar. (9/15/11)



Public Plans Database

Latest data on more than 150 public pension plans

Access the database