• SLGE Releases 2017 Trends to Watch in State and Local Government

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  • Public Plans Data: Comprehensive Database of State and Local Public Pension Plans

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  • State & Local Government Workforce: 2016 Trends — SLGE’s annual survey of HR professionals

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  • Local Government Strategies to Address Rising Health Care Costs

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  • Infographic – State and Local Government Workforce Trends

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Latest Research


Public Pension Reporting and Disclosure: The Current State of Practice and Examples of What Works Well

Comprehensive and timely reporting and communication has become increasingly important as employees, policy makers, and other stakeholder groups attempt to navigate the changing public pension landscape. This report examines the reporting practices of eighty-three of the largest statewide pension plans and offers case studies of five pension systems that provide lessons learned for how to effectively communicate relevant information.

Health Care

Spotlight on Retiree Health Care Benefits for State Employees in FY 2015

The brief examines the finances of the health insurance benefit plans offered by state governments to retired employees in all 50 states, as part of an ongoing NASRA/SLGE series.


Infographic: Succession Planning in State and Local Governments

Succession planning continues to be a top workforce issue identified by state and local human resource officials; however, many organizations have not yet developed formal succession plans.


Comparing Compensation: State-Local Versus Private Sector Workers

An examination of whether benefits close the wage gap between public and private sector workers. The analysis found that the compensation of state-local and private sector workers is similar.



Public Plans Database

Latest data on more than 150 public pension plans

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