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    Free Webinar: Using Data to Guide Decisions and Tell Your Pension Plan’s Story
    December 8, 2015, 2-3 pm

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    Retirement security issues are a growing concern for state and local government workers and employers.

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    State & Local Government Workforce: 2015 Trends — Center’s annual survey of HR professionals

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    Local Government Strategies to Address Rising Health Care Costs

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Latest Research


Retirement Security: A Moving Target

Because newer hires will need to work longer and save more to reach their retirement goals, local governments are taking more initiative to help employees save.

Health Care

Spotlight on Retiree Health Care Benefits for State and Local Employees in 2014

An overview of the health care and other postemployment benefits state and local governments provide for their retired employees and how they pay for them. (12/14)


State and Local Government Workforce: 2015 Trends

For the second year in a row, state and local governments are reporting an increase in hiring, but pressure on benefits continues, with employees taking on greater shares of health care costs and contributions to pensions (6/15)


Comparing Compensation: State-Local Versus Private Sector Workers

An examination of whether benefits close the wage gap between public and private sector workers. The analysis found that the compensation of state-local and private sector workers is similar. (9/15/11)



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