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    Retirement security issues are a growing concern for state and local government workers and employers.

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  • 2014 Research Highlights: the annual compilation of Center research and resources.

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    State & Local Government Workforce: 2014 Trends — Center’s annual survey of HR professionals

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    Local Government Strategies to Address Rising Health Care Costs

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Latest Research


How Will Longer Lifespans Affect State and Local Pension Funding?

Americans are living longer – and that creates new funding challenges for state and local pension plans.

Health Care

Spotlight on Retiree Health Care Benefits for State and Local Employees in 2014

An overview of the health care and other postemployment benefits state and local governments provide for their retired employees and how they pay for them. (12/14)


State and Local Government Workforce: 2014 Trends

Local and state governments continue their hiring trend although their workforces are still smaller since the 2008 economic downturn; recruitment and retention continue to be challenges; and pressure on benefits continues, particularly health care. (5/14)


Comparing Compensation: State-Local Versus Private Sector Workers

An examination of whether benefits close the wage gap between public and private sector workers. The analysis found that the compensation of state-local and private sector workers is similar. (9/15/11)



  • Annual Data for 2001-2013 in PublicPlansData.org

    The new Public Plans Data website also has “quick facts” pages with data at the national, state, and plan levels. Visit the site at www.publicplansdata.org

  • State and Local Wages Lag

    After years of wage stagnation, state and local governments are finally seeing room in their budgets for slight wage increases and bonuses.

  • SLGE Research Featured in Story on MA Retiree Health Costs

    Massachusetts has committed to paying more than $15 billion over the next 30 years for health insurance for its retirees. But the state has set aside almost none of the money needed to pay for it.

  • Center VP of Research Speaks to WSJ re: NJ “Cash Balance” Proposal

    SLGE’s VP of Research Joshua Franzel speaks to Wall Street Journal re: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s pension study committee proposal to move state’s public employee retirement system toward “cash balance” plans as a way to control costs and control liabilities. http://on.wsj.com/1EQlaDE

  • The Government Workforce in an Era of Wage Stagnation

    As private-sector wage growth outpaces the public sector’s, Center President/CEO Elizabeth Kellar writes in Governing Magazine about the challenge governments face attracting and retaining talented employees.

  • State and Local Fiscal Facts 2015

    How widespread are municipal bankruptcies?  Are municipal defaults increasing?  What about state and local pension funding? State and local government revenues have been slowly improving, making it possible for many officials to take steps to address their fiscal challenges.  ICMA and the national organizations representing the nation’s governors, state legislatures, and state and local officials Read More

  • The Hard Work of Restoring Trust in Government

    Center President/CEO Elizabeth Kellar writes in Governing Magazine about the need for government leaders and the public to have honest and open communication.  

  • Baby boomer retirement creates pension, hiring challenges

    Center Vice President of Research Joshua Franzel recently talked with US Bank’s newsletter about public sector Baby Boomers and retirement. (10/27/14)

  • Good returns ease public pension fund fears as GASB changes take hold

    Center President/CEO Elizabeth Kellar tells Pensions&Investments that even good GASB numbers should not take attention away from the need for elected officials to focus on funding plans and decisions about setting annual contribution rates. (9/15/14)

  • Retirement Concerns Grow Among Public Sector Employees

    Plansponsor.com reports that as more state and local governments reform pensions following the recession, public sector employees have more concerns about retirement. (8/20/14)

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