Gerald Young

Senior Research Associate

Gerald Young joined SLGE as Senior Research Associate in January 2017.

Prior to joining SLGE, he had been with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) since 1998, during which time he led the Certificates in Performance Management program, organized ICMA’s leading practices symposia, wrote the e-book Getting Started: A Performance Measurement Handbook, conducted related workshops and webinars, oversaw interactive online training development, managed the Center for Performance Measurement and ICMA Insights databases, and contributed data analysis, case studies, and chapters relating to projects in smart communities, benchmarking, and local government innovation. Earlier, he served local government directly for eight years with the cities of Chula Vista and Loma Linda, California, with a focus on budgeting and program evaluation.

Gerald earned a master’s in public administration from the University of Kansas and bachelor’s degrees in mathematics/computer science and political science from Loyola University Chicago. He resides in Granville, Ohio.