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Public plans doing better on funding

Most public pension plans improved their funded status in 2014 and are likely to be more than 80% funded by 2018, according to a report by SLGE.

State and Local Wages Lag

After years of wage stagnation, state and local governments are finally seeing room in their budgets for slight wage increases and bonuses.

Center VP of Research Speaks to WSJ re: NJ “Cash Balance” Proposal

SLGE’s VP of Research Joshua Franzel speaks to Wall Street Journal re: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s pension study committee proposal to move state’s public employee retirement system toward “cash balance” plans as a way to control costs and control liabilities.

The Government Workforce in an Era of Wage Stagnation

As private-sector wage growth outpaces the public sector’s, Center President/CEO Elizabeth Kellar writes in Governing Magazine about the challenge governments face attracting and retaining talented employees.

State and Local Fiscal Facts 2015

How widespread are municipal bankruptcies?  Are municipal defaults increasing?  What about state and local pension funding? State and local government revenues have been slowly improving, making it possible for many officials to take steps to address their fiscal challenges.  ICMA and the national organizations representing the nation’s governors, state legislatures, and state and local officials Read More

States facing rising tide of retirement

Center Vice President of Research Joshua Franzel tells Stateline that people who postponed retirement because of the recession are now starting to leave the workforce. (6/20/14)