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Free Webinar: The Facts on Public Pensions

Public pensions continue to be a topic of great concern to state policymakers across the country. Watch the video from our recent webinar to learn how to use Public Plans Data to inform your policy debates.

Is a National IRA Needed?

BenefitsPro examines the findings of SLGE’s new report on the private sector retirement savings gap.

Top Management Challenges

VP of Research Joshua Franzel joined Route Fifty for a discussion of current management challenges in state and local government.

Retirement Tsunami

SLGE’s Elizabeth Kellar explains to American City & County that, rather than as a tsunami, public sector retirements are coming wave after wave.

Public Hiring Trends Up After Recession

For the second year in a row, state and local governments increased hiring from the previous year, according to a newly released survey of public-sector HR professionals by SLGE.

Public plans doing better on funding

Most public pension plans improved their funded status in 2014 and are likely to be more than 80% funded by 2018, according to a report by SLGE.

State and Local Wages Lag

After years of wage stagnation, state and local governments are finally seeing room in their budgets for slight wage increases and bonuses.