Mission & Vision

MissionSquare Research Institute (formerly SLGE) promotes excellence in state and local government and other public service organizations so they can attract and retain talented public servants


Now, more than ever, state and local governments and other organizations working in the public service sector are looking for innovative ways to meet their financial obligations and contain costs. At the same time, faced with an aging workforce and powerful demographic forces, government leaders cannot assume that they will be able to attract and retain the talent they need to operate in an increasingly complex world. They know they must become employers of choice so they can continue to deliver high quality services to the people who count on them.

In the past, wages and benefits were a selling point in attracting the best and brightest people to work in community service. To remain competitive, these organizations will need to adapt to the evolving needs of current employees as well as future workers.

The Institute’s research plays a unique role by:

  • Examining the critical issues facing state and local governments, as well as education, health care, and non-profit agencies, shaping our research agenda to respond to real-world needs;
  • Bringing government and other community service leaders and practitioners together with respected researchers;
  • Gathering accurate data;
  • Identifying and promoting promising practices;
  • Directing and supporting first-class research;
  • Informing the media and the public; and
  • Translating serious research into practical products that policy leaders, practitioners, and elected leaders can use to make informed decisions.