Retirement (In)Security Summit: State and Local Governments Tackle Retirement Preparedness and Workforce Challenges

On October 2, 2017, SLGE held a Retirement (In)Security Summit in order to explore the implications of changing demographics, pension and health benefit trends and issues, and what strategies are effective in boosting retirement savings.

Welcome: Joshua Franzel, President and CEO, The Center for State and Local Government Excellence (SLGE)

Economic Challenges Facing Retirees and the Need for Greater Savings: Gerri Madrid-Davis, Director, Financial Security & Consumer Affairs, State Advocacy & Strategy Integration (SASI), Government Affairs, State and National Group, AARP  [Download a PDF of Ms. Madrid-Davis’ presentation]

Introduction and Overview of the Changing Workforce: Joshua Franzel, President and CEO, SLGE

Dialogue on Retirement Planning:  Three current and past public employees share their perspectives on retirement planning and lessons learned.

Moderator: Elizabeth Kellar, Senior Fellow, SLGE 

  1. Local Government Employee Describes Savings Challenges and Strategies: Shane Cochran, Division Chief  for Program Implementation, City of Alexandria (VA) Office of Housing and Chair of the Alexandria Supplemental Retirement Plan Board   [Download a PDF of Mr. Cochran’s presentation]
  2. Lessons Learned: Al Tierney, retired police officer, Alexandria, VA
  3. The Role of Retirement Benefits in Recruiting, Retaining, and Retiring Employees: Michele Vineyard, Director of Human Resources, City of Roanoke, VA  [Download a PDF of Ms. Vineyard’s presentation]

Changes to State and Local Government Retirement Plans and the Implications for New Hires: Keith Brainard, Research Director, National Association of State Retirement Administrators (NASRA)   [Download a PDF of Mr. Brainard’s presentation]

Retiree Health Benefit Strategies: Retirement confidence surveys find that most people have not planned or saved for medical expenses in retirement. And while more state and local governments are making efforts to prefund their retiree health benefits, virtually all governments are focused on ways to reduce costs and maintain quality benefits. This session will provide examples of state and local government strategies to provide sustainable and attractive retiree health care benefits while addressing rising costs.

Moderator: Joshua Franzel, President and CEO, SLGE

  1. Linda Jones, Vice-President of Client Management Public Sector State & Complex Accounts UnitedHealthcare Retiree Solutions  [Download a PDF of Ms. Jones’ presentation]
  2. Jane Gilbert, CPA, Director, Retiree Health Care, Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System  [Download a PDF of Ms. Gilbert’s presentation]
  3. Linda Herman, Executive Director, Montgomery County (MD) Employee Retirement Plans  [Download a PDF of Ms. Herman’s presentation]

Helping People Save – Strategies to Boost Retirement Income

Moderator: Robert Schultze, President and CEO ICMA Retirement Corporation (ICMA-RC)

  1. Using Automatic Enrollment and Automatic Escalation to Increase Savings: Rob Wylie, Executive Director, South Dakota Retirement System  [Download a PDF of Mr. Wylie’s presentation]
  2. State Leadership in Promoting Retirement Savings: Lisa Massena, CFA, Executive Director, OregonSaves  [Download a PDF of Ms. Massena’s presentation]