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How will state and local governments deal with health care for the large baby boom generation of public employees? Although increases in health care costs have slowed recently, the growing percentage of employee compensation that goes to health benefits puts pressure on employee wages and other government expenditures, prompting governments to make changes to their plans and strategies. Retiree health care obligations are a major concern as many governments are funding them on a pay-as-you-go basis.

MissionSquare Research Institute and its partners have analyzed data from all 50 states and a large sample of local governments, looking at such issues as benefit offerings and financing strategies, cost containment, individual Medicare marketplaces, retiree health care, and the personal and organizational benefits of wellness programs focused on physical, mental, and financial wellness.

Health and Wellness Resources

Research Report: Examining Financial Wellbeing in the U.S. Public Service Workforce

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Infographic: Examining the Financial Wellbeing of the U.S. Public Service Workforce

National data sources illustrate the current state of public service financial and retirement security and how that relates to state and local government compensation and benefits.

Case Studies of Innovative Public Sector Financial Wellness Programs

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