Research and Resources

January 24, 2019
An in-depth analysis of local government financial literacy programs across the U.S. finds that only about one in four local government employers offer financial literacy programs to their workforce.
December 18, 2018
The Center for State and Local Government Excellence, with support from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services, conducted an environmental scan and key informant interviews to identify and better understand the opportunities and challenges associated with staff sharing arrangements in local health departments. The information gathered from these interviews was used to develop this […]
November 22, 2017
This report examines case studies of three cross-jurisdictional staff sharing arrangements in local public health organizations.
May 17, 2017
This brief, part of an ongoing NASRA/SLGE series, examines the finances of the health insurance plans offered by state governments to retired employees in all 50 states.
March 10, 2016
This brief assesses the financial burden of Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEBs) on state and local governments.
December 16, 2014
This report offers an overview of the health care and Other Post-Employment Benefits that state and local governments provide retired employees and how they pay for them.
December 1, 2014
This report looks at survey data and case studies to examine the increase in health care costs and what state and local governments are doing to address them.
November 21, 2013
This report examines the recruitment and retention challenges facing local government health departments and the steps some governments are taking to address them.
June 12, 2013
This report provides an overview of the health benefits states provide for their retired employees and how they pay for them.
September 27, 2012
This brief examines the growth of wellness plans in state and local governments and documents the health and financial benefits they have produced.
August 29, 2012
This brief provides a detailed summary of a symposium that explored state and local government strategies for offering quality health insurance while still controlling costs.
March 15, 2012
This article advises governments to look at what has been done to address OPEB liabilities so they can assess the sustainability of their own retiree health care programs.