Center Staff Articles from Around the Web

Government Workforce Becoming Uberized

In her Smart Management column for Governing, SLGE’s President and CEO Elizabeth Kellar notes that, as the use of contract and temporary workers grows and millennials move into government, the public sector will need to adapt.

The Government Workforce in an Era of Wage Stagnation

As private-sector wage growth outpaces the public sector’s, Center President/CEO Elizabeth Kellar¬†writes in Governing Magazine about the challenge governments face attracting and retaining talented employees.

The Challenge of Building the Workforce Government Needs

State and local governments are hiring again, but they’re having difficulty finding — and retaining — the right people. In her column for Governing, Center President & CEO Elizabeth Kellar asks: Do governments have a people problem? (7/8/14)

Public Health and the Leadership Imperative

Center President/CEO Elizabeth Kellar writes in Governing magazine that government officials must take a leadership role in public health and other vital societal issues. (1/15/14)

Competing for Talent in an Era of Restraints

Center President & CEO Elizabeth Kellar writes in the October issue of PA Times about the recruitment and retention crisis facing state and local governments. Posted with the permission of ASPA. (Oct. 2013)

2013 Outlook: States May Offer DC Plans for Some Employee Groups

Although there has been no general trend toward shifting employees to a defined contribution plan as the primary retirement benefit, some states are beginning to look at defined contribution plans as a primary offering for certain employee groups. (4/12/13)

Public Pension System Reforms: Outlook for 2013

In 2009, in the wake of the economic downturn, states increased their efforts to address the sustainability of their public pension systems. Since then, nearly every state legislature has passed reforms to various elements of their public pension systems, with most reducing benefits and/or requiring greater employee contributions. The coming year should see significant activity in several states as well. (2/28/13)

The Perils of Payroll Tax and Pension Holidays

As the federal government debates the continuation of the payroll tax cut and postpones the critical debate over the long term financing of Social Security, what might it learn from state and local government pension management? Center for State and Local Government Excellence President & CEO Elizabeth Kellar writes about the consequences of pension holidays and why some pension plans are better funded than others. (2/8/12)

Rx for controlling costs

Center President & CEO Elizabeth Kellar tells American City & County magazine how local governments are cutting health care costs while improving their employees’ overall wellness. (10/10)

HR: Keeping a Strategic Focus in a Tough Economy

In an article in HR News, Center President & CEO Elizabeth Kellar describes how government human resources professionals need to take a strategic approach to balancing workforce needs with economic realities. See page 12. (9/10)