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Staff Sharing Arrangements for Local Public Health

Public health challenges, such as disease outbreaks and substance abuse problems, do not recognize jurisdictional boundaries. This report examines case studies of three cross-jurisdictional staff sharing arrangements in local public health organizations as a means to expand organizational capacity, better manage expenditures, and contain or address existing or emerging issues.

Succession Planning

This report describes how state and local governments use succession planning as a an integral part of their strategy to attract, engage, and retain employees.

A First Look at Alternative Investments and Public Pensions

The brief uses data from to explore which state and local pension plans have the largest allocations in investments outside of public equities, bonds, and cash and the broader impact of aggregate allocation shifts on returns and volatility.

Public Pension Reporting and Disclosure: The Current State of Practice and Examples of What Works Well

Comprehensive and timely reporting and communication has become increasingly important as employees, policy makers, and other stakeholder groups attempt to navigate the changing public pension landscape. This report examines the reporting practices of eighty-three of the largest statewide pension plans and offers case studies of five pension systems that provide lessons learned for how to effectively communicate relevant information.