Infographic: State and Local Government Workforce Outlook


SLGE’s infographic shows trends in the state and local government workforce, including employment by sector, total employment, hiring and turnover, job openings, as well as age distribution and tenure.

Gerald Young
Publication date:
March 2016
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Fact Sheets
Key findings:
  • Whether one looks at total state or local employment or the portion that excludes education, those figures show five consecutive years of declining employment and eight years since peak employment in 2008.  Overall local government employment has declined 1.6% since 2008, with local government administration employment seeing a 2.7% decline. Overall state government employment has declined 1.7% since 2008, with local government administration employment seeing a 6.3% decline.
  • During the recession, hiring and job openings reached closer parity, which may indicate that some positions that were vacated were eliminated entirely or were at least temporarily frozen. The gap between job openings and hiring has grown again since 2012.
  • Compared to the private sector, state and local government workers are on average about 3-5 years older, with 2-4 more years of tenure
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