Infographic: Succession Planning in State and Local Governments


Succession planning continues to be a top workforce issue identified by state and local human resource officials; however, many organizations have not yet developed formal succession plans.

Publication date:
October 2016
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Fact Sheets
Key findings:
Thirty-three (33%) percent of respondents reported that they expect to develop a formal succession planning process within the next five years, while twenty-seven (27%) are currently developing a formal process, and eleven (11%) already have a formal process in place. Sixteen (16%) do not expect to develop a process in the next five years.Respondents reported a number of barriers to having/developing formal succession plans:
  • Thirty-seven (37%) percent say succession planning is not a leadership priority;
  • Nineteen (19%) percent report a lack of internal expertise;
  • Twelve (12%) percent report a lack of financial resources; and
  • Five (5%) express a general view that the organization does not need a formal plan.
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To understand more about the current usage of formal succession planning by state and local governments for workforce management, the Center for State and Local Government Excellence ( surveyed members of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources ( Two hundred ninety-five IPMA-HR members took part in the survey, which was conducted in September 2016.