Comprehensive Workforce Strategies in San Francisco City and County

San Francisco City and County have a comprehensive workforce program that is geared to attracting, retaining, and developing its 26,000 employees who work in 26 agencies. Their strategies enable them to meet increased demands for services, even in the face of reduced budgets.

Innovating Human Resource Practices in Sarasota County, Florida

What is a local government to do when nearly 40 percent of its workforce is eligible to retire in the next five years, but replacing workers with permanent full-time workers is not possible? Sarasota County, Florida, has devised several strategies to ensure that it has the talent it needs while effectively managing personnel costs. (12/10)

Improving Customer Service and Employee Morale in Georgia

Governor Sonny Perdue spearheaded the creation of the state’s Office of Customer Service in 2006 to improve customer service across all state government departments and agencies. Joe Doyle, director of the Office of Customer Service, quickly realized that excellent customer service is directly related to motivated employees and initiated a comprehensive employee satisfaction program to accompany a customer service improvement program. (10/10)