Local Government Workforce of Tomorrow


Local governments will face significant challenges in attracting and retaining talent in the years ahead as retiring baby boomers are replaced by a workforce that is younger, more diverse, more mobile, and more reliant on technology. There will be increased competition for talent and greater pressure on local governments to adapt to changing times and market themselves as employers of choice.

This report details the key takeaways from interviews of local government managers, academics, and HR experts conducted by SLGE, as well as a literature review conducted for this project. This project identified six strategies to guide local governments in building the workforce of tomorrow.

  • Reinvent human resources to become more flexible, nimble, and strategic. Seek staff who champion people management issues and can set the workforce agenda.
  • Revamp antiquated policies and practices to meet the needs and expectations of a changing workforce.
  • Build a brand that tells the great story of public service
  • Focus on talent management, leadership development, and succession planning to prepare for workforce transitions, build capacity, and grow future leaders.
  • Create a culture that values and engages employees in meaningful ways.
  • Leverage technology, data, and automation to improve operations and provide employees with the tools they need.

View the ICMATV segment on the report’s findings.

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