Staff Sharing Arrangements for Local Public Health


Rather than take an insular approach to addressing health challenges in one singular area, local public health officials have considered, and in some cases implemented, partnerships as an effective means of containing existing and potential problems, expanding organizational capacity, and effectively managing public health expenditures.  This report examines case studies of three cross-jurisdictional staff sharing arrangements in local public health organizations as a means to expand organizational capacity, better manage expenditures, and contain or address existing or emerging issues.

Key benefits of staff sharing identified in these case studies include:

  • More effective planning and response for common infections as well as rare diseases;
  • Ability to qualify for grant funding that may not have been available to an individual jurisdiction on its own;
  • Ability to offer additional services, such as call-in assistance lines, that would otherwise not have been economical; and
  • Dependable backup coverage and coordinated scheduling for skilled clinical positions.

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