Infographic: State and Local Pensions: A Long-Term View


This infographic displays state and local pension data for the years 2001 through 2016, focusing on fund management and performance both before and since the Great Recession. Key findings include:

  • Funded ratios for state and local funds generally decreased between 2001 and 2016;
  • Many plans remain on track to reach full funding despite the effects of the Great Recession;
  • The average percentage of required contributions paid by employers decreased during the recession but has increased as the effects of the recession have passed; and
  • While the share of plan sponsors contributing less than 40 percent of required contributions increased from 1 to 7 percent during the recession, those contributing 80 percent or more of required contributions never dipped below 70 percent, and that total was back up to 89 percent in 2016.

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