Workforce of the Future: Strategies to Manage Change


HR leaders are shifting from a transactional to a strategic approach to support local and state governments in adapting to changing workforce demographics and the increased competition for talent. State and local governments are modernizing their operations, revamping their hiring practices, and developing a brand that appeals to a more diverse pool of applicants.

To learn more about the change management approaches that are most effective, the Center undertook a literature review and interviewed HR leaders from seven local governments and one state government. This report details the study’s findings. Best practices identified include:

  • Taking the initiative to seek feedback from employees and elected officials.
  • Seeking candidates who have diverse experiences and backgrounds.
  • Focusing on how to get to “yes” with other agencies and departments.
  • Examining business processes to find efficiencies.
  • Developing great managers who are committed to their teams.
  • Developing greater cultural competence.
  • Providing supervisors and employees with the tools and resources they need to achieve goals and improve performance.

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