Where are the public servants of tomorrow?

Today, as the baby boomers age and retire, state and local governments face their largest exodus of talent and skills ever.  It is vital to our democracy that we have public servants who are dedicated to excellence.

In a time of fiscal constraints, public mistrust, and increasing competition for talent, governments must find innovative and creative ways to recruit, develop, and retain a new generation to step into critically important jobs.

Support from donors like you can help us:

Tell the Story of Public Service

Your support will help us showcase our teachers, nurses, epidemiologists, managers, engineers, social workers, public safety personnel, physicians, and other professionals whose work makes a difference in our lives.

Take the Pulse

The Center puts the spotlight on Americans’ attitudes toward public service and the workforce needs of state and local governments, information that decision makers, elected leaders, and the media are hungry for.

Past donor-supported Center projects include:

  • A nationwide public opinion poll to gauge Americans’ views of state and local government jobs and benefits.
  • Events to draw attention to the looming workforce challenges in key areas, such as public health.
  • Online surveys of state and local government human resource managers on the effects of the Great Recession on recruitment, morale, benefits, retirement rates, and other workforce issues.

Prepare the Next Generation of Leaders

The fiscal squeeze has forced many state and local governments to cut training and staff development programs.

With your support, the Center can offer grants to reimburse governments for the costs of professional development workshops and programs for their employees.

Fill the Information Gap

Trends…emerging issues…promising practices…

Center research is unique in providing decision makers, elected leaders, and the media with reliable information that is geared to the challenges state and local governments face. Your support can help us expand on this valuable research, including:

  • pension plans and retiree health
  • compensation comparisons with the private sector
  • health care innovations, reform, and workforce challenges
  • competitive employment practices
  • demographic changes and workforce trends.

Public employees have made a difference.  You can, too.

Those who have dedicated their careers to public service have made a lasting contribution to society and to future generations.  Honor them by making a donation.

Who Should Give?

Those who have a stake in ensuring that many of the nation’s best and brightest continue to choose public service in state and local government.

  • Foundations (including state-based foundations)
  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Individuals
  • Governments
  • Universities

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, including:

  • general donations
  • funding for specific research projects and/or programs
  • cost sharing.

For information on sponsorships and naming opportunities, please contact us.

More Information

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